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Heavening Whitening Cream 100ml

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  • South Korea South Korea
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 Quick and Bright Whitening Intensive Watery Cream in big volume of 100ml, Whitening and anti wrinkle dual functional care cosmetics with natural ingredients in Korea.   


Safe and fantastic formula for FACE  ALL SKIN TYPES. 



▶ Immediate whitening beautiful elasticity, blemish control and skin moisturizing effect.

Revitalizes skin that is fatigued from environmental pollutants and feels light all day long!

Gently whitens your skin a whole tone to make it as creamy as milk.

It feels moist and doesn't leave a visible residue on the skin.

Can be used on the face to ensure your skin is cleaner, brighter, and whiter.



It is to feel instantly brightening effect, with dual functional cosmetics that helps the skin to anti wrinkle and whitening.  

The patented natural fruit extracts nutrients to nourish makes the skin bright and moisture. 



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Heavening Whitening Cream 100ml

Heavening Whitening Cream 100ml